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A fter having worked on several larger commercial web applications I have started to created quite a few plug-ins that I have been able to re-use between projects. Most of my packages are private and NuGet.org does not show them on a search, however some of them are.

HTML MinimizerHTML Minimizer

This tool allows the website to save between 50% to 70% of bandwidth. This savings might not be noticed on download speed as most have really fast Internet, one however does notice it on the server as bandwidth needs to be send as well as received.

this simple tool does wonders for popular website that are hosted on a plan that contains limited bandwidth or passes switches in a data center that are under load.

This NuGet Package is free, the package can be installed by entering Install-Package Walter.Web.HtmlTools.HtmlMinify in your package manager console of via the Package manager.

ASP-WAF WebStatsASP-WAF WebStats

Offered as a free as well as a commercial product by ASP-Waf.com this tool allows websites to see the activity on the website. The free version comes with a build-in dashboard, the commercial version contains source code to alter page statistics as well as an add on for campaign management.

The package has following functionality:

  • 1. Tracks users during visit
  • 2. Identifies user & bots
  • 3. Shows malicious users
  • 4. Shows page statistics
  • 5. GDPR compliance as users can delete their data without you loosing page statistics
  • 6. Google Maps integration

ASP-WAF FirewallASP-WAF Firewall

Offered as a commercial product by ASP-Waf.com/firewall this tool allows developers to protect websites from unauthorized and malicious users.

The package has add-ons that among others can be used for:

  • 1. Allow interaction with external Firewalls using PowerShell scripts
  • 2. Has email notifications
  • 3. Does indecent reporting with ISP's