Banking architecture
from business to data.

also available for download.

  • Private Banking BOM
  • Private Banking LDM
  • Private Banking LDM

Business Object Model

All items in the Business Object Model (BOM) are uniquely named and documented in terms know by the business, you can download an overview of the model.

Logical Data Model

All items in the Logical Data Model (LDM) are DBMS neutral and is generated from the BOM; here you can download an overview of the model.

Physical Data Model

The Physical Data Model (PDM) is a MS SQL Server implementation of the LDM where some of the tables are rolled-up and or rolled-down; you can download an overview of the model.

Semantic (Fact Oriented) Data Model
For Private & Retail Banking

The model is designed to handle large volumes of data (operational since June 2010 with a daily growth of 120 GB) while still allowing for fast data querying.

Model Highlights

  • Lightning fast user queries - No outer joins needed.
  • Dimensional facts (KPI's) are pre-calculated asynchronously.
  • Data versioning for past and future data as well as data history.
  • Full- Need to know concept implemented using active directory.
  • And much more...

Announcing "My Bank"

Database, &web services and MVC GUI’s for private banking, retail banking, Investment banking and Online banking. Business logic fully is customizable and are based on workflow and ontology models.

Web based banking application

  • Full retail banking application
  • Complete bank domain covered using replaceable plug-in modules
  • Based on 13 years of experience in writing banking software
  • Full source code
  • Build with Test Driven development and SCRUM methology

H aving worked at world class banks for most of my professional career I have been able to gain a lot of experience over time in how the industry works. My model is unique in one way as that it has been implemented in several VLDBS environment holding millions of financial transaction for thousands of clients with over a hundred users using it on a day-by-day basis.

The design is such that users can be granted access to the system and see only data related to their role, function and region. Having this implementation helps stake holders justify the investment as users can query the model with any reporting tool using their active directory authentication. The model pre-calculates facts so that users can view their KPI’s without having to perform CPU intensive calculations.

The model is kept in-sync using non-blocking background tasks populating the model with data if data needs to be updated. This selective updating saves valuable CPU and disk time and has a low impact on the database log-file and therefore decreases backup volume and time.

Coming up is a full banking application set for clients (E-Banking) and Banking employees. I have created screen for:

  • Relationship Managers;
  • Front Desk clerks;
  • Compliance Offices;
  • Product Specialists;
  • Investment Specialists;
  • Product Analysts;
  • and their respective hierarchical management structures.

Contact me if you would like to use part or all of my models; the Models are in PowerDesigner v.15.3., C# 4.0 and MS SQL Server 2012.