Insurance models
Insurance applications.

From Zurich Insurance too Lincoln Benefit Life Company.

H aving spent quite some time working in the insurance industry as well as having made some good investments in secondary life settlement policy market I have started to make my own models and applications for the sector.

Zurich Insurance Company

I have had some nice time working for Zurich in Switzerland in IT as lead SQL DBA and as a solution architect in group functions where I was the Zurich Insurance reference model manager.

My Policies application

In general, investing in senior life settlement products can make sense one you know that one, as investor has to know how one is taxed when an insurance policy is paid-out as well as that there are insurance premiums that will probably need to be paid.

This application allows all those that buy, sell, and hold Secondary Market Life Insurance policies and enables you to evaluate the value of their portfolio and make projections as to how the portfolio(s) evolves over time.

If you are a financial service provider, policy administrator, or policy holder this software will allow you to calculate the Net Asset Value (NAV) of a bundle of policies as well as on an individual policy that you might want to sell or use as collateral for a finance transaction.

I used to host the application on-line as “My Policies” is web based and works on all modern browsers; however to obtain access you will need to submit your details and request a user account. After having used the software on-line for an agreed period you may purchase a user license of this software on my hosted environment or purchase a stand-alone installation.

I used to host the application and no longer do as I have sold the application and the rights to it after having integrated machine learning modules into this system that are able to calculate a more realistic life expectancy and therefore achieving a better valuation.