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In the meantime, a little bit about me ...

W elcome to my Personal site; My name is Walter Verhoeven and I'm a European Based freelance IT Architect specialized in application for thebanking and insurance industry. I bring with me a diversified set of skills in Architecture, Project Management, Application Development, Data Architecture, and Requirement Engineering.

The last two consulting jobs I did where in the field of Machine Learning, Rule Engines, strategy and regulatory compliance however my passion is in application development artificial intelligence and really large MS SQL Databases.

During my professional life I have worked all over the globe and have dealt with quite a few unique problems. I have always enjoyed travel even if it means leaving all behind every time one has "settled in" as a new problem was always waiting to be solved, new lessens where to be learned, new technology to be integrated, and best of all new colleagues and friends to be made.

Using this site, I would like to show all some of what did, what I designed, and share some of my tips and tricks; I hope that some of my work can be used by you in your daily work. Feel free to copy and use all you find on this site, however I would appreciate it if you would mention me as source.

A generic banking data models I have included the Conceptual, Logical and Physical models.

Automated trading system that can be integrated in brokerage and banking platforms.

IT Architectural thinking concept and model relationships as well as information and model transformation.

How-to Articles and scripts for administration and developers of Microsoft’s SQL Server products where I mainly focus on system performance and database tuning.